Sofia the first theme song lyrics in English
Sofia the first theme song lyrics in English

Sofia the first theme song lyrics in English

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I was a girl in the village doing alright
Then I became a princess overnight
Now I gotta figure out how to do it right
So much to learn and see

Up in the castle with my new family
In a school that’s just for royalty
A whole enchanted world is waiting for me
I’m so excited to be

(Sofia the First)
I’m finding out what being royal’s all about
(Sofia the First)
Making my way it’s an adventure everyday

It’s gonna be my time
To show them all that I’m
Sofia the First!

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Sofia the first theme song lyrics in English

Sophia the first theme song from the album Disney Sing – along : Disney junior Theme songs released in 2016. The artist of the song is Sofia Die Erste. This sing is sung by Ariel winter who also performes  the voice of princess . It won the 2013 !4 daytime ammy award for oustanding original song Main title   for its writer  John Kavanough and  Craig Gerber.This is OST of disney Junior animated series , sophia the first. The track is composed by John Kavanugh.

Sofia continues to find out what being royal is all about after discovering the fabled mystic Isles, Sofia is invited to join a powerfull group of adventurers who help protect the realm’s magic and Creature. No matter where the adventure takes her, sofia will prove she can conquor any challange on her own way.

The opening theme presnted sequences from the first season and once upon a princess and then later changed during the airing of the second season and again during the middle of the third season.

Other interesting details of the song Sofia the first theme song is gieven below-

Sofia the first theme song lyrics in English

Song : Sophia the first theme song

Album : Disney Sing Along Disney junior theme songs

Signer :  Ariel Winter

Release : 2016

Genre : Children’s music

Music : John Kavanugh

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