chirodini tumi je amar lyrics in Bengali
chirodini tumi je amar lyrics in Bengali

chirodini tumi je amar lyrics in Bengali

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চিরোদিনি তুমি যে আমার,
যুগে যুগে আমি তোমারি [2x]
আমি আছি, সেই যে তোমার,
তুমি আছো সেই আমারি
সঙ্গী.. সঙ্গী.. আমরা অমর সঙ্গী।

এত কাছে রয়েছো তুমি,
আরো কাছে তোমাকে যে চাই
তুমি ছাড়া এমন আপন
আমার যে আর কেউ নাই [2x]

আমি কি গো তোমাকে ছেড়ে
একা একা থাকতে পারি?
সঙ্গী.. সঙ্গী.. আমরা অমর সঙ্গী।

এ জীবন ফুরিয়ে যেদিন
পাব এক নতুন জীবন,
সেদিনও হবে একাকার,
দুজনার এই দুটি মন [2x]

হৃদয়ের সব কবিতা
ঝরে পড়ে ছন্দকারে।

চিরদিনই তুমি যে আমার,
যুগে যুগে আমি তোমারই
আমি আছি, সেই যে তোমার,
তুমি আছো সেই আমারই।
সঙ্গী.. সঙ্গী..আমরা অমর সঙ্গী।

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chirodini tumi je amar lyrics in Bengali

Chirodini tumi je aamar song is a beutifull romantic song from the movie Amar sangee. This song is sung by Kishore Kumar. The lyrics of the song are written by Pulak Bandhopadhyay and music of this attractive song is composed by Bappi Lahiri. The casts of the song are Parsenjit Chatterjee , Vijayta Pandit and Rabi ghosh, Shakuntala Barua, Shubhendu Chattopadhyay Etc.

This song is directed by Sujit Guha, labeled by Echo Entertainment private limited in the language bengali.Song is full of beutifull scenery. You can watch fulls song video on youtube and read the lyrics of the song in Bangla from here. Hope you will like this song and the lyrics we are provided are helpfull for you.

After watching the song video you are excited to know about the movie Amar sangee in which this song comes out from. So, Let’s read about The movie Amar Sangee.

About The Movie Aamar Sangee

Amar sangee (Immortal Campanion) is a 1987 Indian Bengali language film directed by Sujit Guha and produced by Dipti Pal. Th film features Prosenjit Chatterjee and Vijay Pandit in the lead roles. The musics of the film was composed by actors Bappi Lahiri. It is often regarded as one of the most  succesfull films in the Bengali film industry.

Sagar ( Prosenjit Chatterejee) is a young man from a rich family whose Indranil is a very prominent businessman. Sagar goes off to pursue his education and after he returns home he meets a pretty young lady called Jhilik (VijetaPandit), who was a childhood friend . They meet and they fall in love .

When sagar’s father finds out from about their relationship he refuse to accept it because Jhilik is the daughter of Anuradha, thier maid. Indranil wants his son to marry his friends’s daughter Tumpa instead. Tumpa’s brother Suvankar also wants his sister marry sagar as he has designs on the properties of Indranil & Sagar,

When all his plans fail , Suvankar attempts to kill Indranil by sabotaging his car. In the meantime ,sagar finds out about this and saves his father.Later Suvankar is handed over to the police for his crime . Eventually Indranil realizes his mistakes and relents to have Jhilik as his daughter in law . In the end Jhiliik and sagar are re united.

The song chirudini Tumi je amar is on  the best song from this movie.

Other interesting details of the song chirudini tumi je amar is given below-

chirodini tumi je amar lyrics in Bengali

Song : Chirudini tumi je Amar

Movie :  Amar sangee

Singer :  Kishore Kumar 

Lyrics : Pulak Bandhopadhyay

Cast : Parsenjit Chatterjee , Vijeyata Pandit

Music : Bappi Lahiri

Director : Sujit Guha

Language : Bengalil

Year :  1987

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