Aarariraro song lyrics in English
Aarariraro song lyrics in English

Aarariraro song lyrics in English

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Aarariraro Naan Ingu Paada
Thaaye Nee Kan Urangu Ennoda Madi Saaindhu
Aarariraro Naan Ingu Paada
Thaayae Nee Kan Urangu Ennoda Madi Saaindhu

Vaazhum Kaalam Yaavumae Thaayin Paadham Sorgamae
Vedham Naangum Sonnadhey Athai Naan Arivenae
Amma Ennum Manthirame Agilam Yaavum Aagirathey

Aarariraro Naan Ingu Paada
Thaaye Nee Kan Urangu Ennoda Madi Saaindhu

Vaer illaadha Maram Pol Ennai Nee Bhoomiyil Nattaaiye
Oor Kan Enthan Mele Pattaal Un Uyir Noga Thudiththaaiyae
Ulagaththin Bandhangal Ellaam Nee Solli Thanthaaiye
Pirapukkum Irapukkum Idaiyil Vazhi Nadaththi Sendraaiye

Unakke Oar Thottil Katti
Naane Thaayaai Maarida Vendum

Aarariraro Naan Ingu Paada
Thaaye Nee Kan Urangu
Ennoda Madi Saainthu

Thaai Solgindra Vaarthaigal Ellaam Noi Theerkkindra Marunthallavaa
Man Pon Melae Aasai Thurantha Kan Thoongaatha Uyir Allavaa
Kaalaththin Kanakkugalil Selavaagum Varavum Nee
Suzhalgindra Bhoomiyin Mele Suzhallaatha Bhoomiyum Nee

Iraivaa Nee Aanai Idu
Thaaye Enthan Magalaai Maara

Aarariraro Naan Ingu Paada
Thaaye Nee Kan Urangu
Ennoda Madi Saaindhu

Listen to this song on youtube from here https://youtu.be/Dzk3PYnZzuY

Aarariraro song lyrics in English

Aarariraro song lyrics in English is a tamil song and the singer of this song is K. J. Yesudas.This song is lyricist by Snehan.This tamil song is one of favourite song of telugu movies Must watch full song video on youtube .

In this post you can read the lyrics of Aarariraro song lyrics in English language.

Aarariraro Song Lyrics From Raam(2005) Tamil Movie Starring Jiiva, Saranya Ponvannan, and Gajala in Lead Roles. The song is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Sung by K. J. Yesudas. Aarariraro Lyrics are Penned by Snehan.

Abou the movie Raam

Ram is falsely charged for killing his mother. His neighbors are also called for interrogation. The combined effort of Ram, friends and the police lead to tracking down the real killer.

police investigate a pool of blood leaking down the schoolteacher’s doorsteps, and find her corpse lying next to her blood-drenched son ram, dagger in hand. the narrative moves forward with the investigation and flashes backwards to reconstruct the events, and the film maintains an extraordinary level of intensity and focus throughout, with nearly every generic element pushed into emotionally queasy territory (a song sequence celebrating the mother son bond that explores the unnerving intimacy of the film’s central relationship, a standard-issue tamil movie fight scene that keeps going and going until the violence seems to exceed movie-acceptable limits). not sure exactly what it adds up to, but certainly suggests that ameer sultan is a serious talent.

Raam story revolves around the relationship of a mother and her son, set in Kodaikanal. The movie commences with Rama Krishna (Jeeva) and his mother Saradha (Saranya), a school teacher, lying in a pool of blood; The police find Raam is still alive and arrest him on charges of murdering his mother. Police inspector Umar (Rahman) works on the case. The story is narrated in flashback.

Rama Krishna is an apparently mentally affected teenager (later diagnosed as autistic), living dependent on his mother Saradha (Saranya). His overcompulsive adoration for his mother lands her in various problems. Raam is provoked easily and tolerates little wrongdoing around him. Next door lives Karthika (Gajala), daughter of a Police Sub-Inspector Malaichamy (Murali). She falls for Raam, but upon tellng him how she feels, gets a blunt response from him.

One day, Saradha is found brutally murdered. Umar, interrogating various personalities for the case, grills each and every person possibly connected to Raam and the teacher. Every possible motive that Raam might have for murdering his mother is explored. Furthermore Raam’s neighbours, the sub-inspector Malaichamy and his children are summoned by Umar for interrogation, much to their irritation. The police eventually find out who was responsible for the crime.

Other usefull deatails of the song given here –

Movie Name Raam(2005)
Song Name Aarariraro
Starring Jiiva, Saranya Ponvannan, and Gajala
Music  Yyvan Shankar Raja
Singer K. J. Yesudas
Lyricist Snehan
Music label Star Music India


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